Having known Mr. Neal Duckworth for years I give D2 Solutions a Five Star Rating. There is no one better to help you prepare your business, church, school, or institution for the unthinkable! Be prepared, contact D2 Solutions today!
— Pastor Mark Bell, Kim First Baptist Church, Kim, Colorado

Neal’s engaging class on Leading Difficult Discussions and Managing Organizational Insider Risks offered sophisticated and actionable tips for managers and staff at all levels.
— Prof. Eugene Kogan, Harvard University Professional Development Programs

Neal is a compelling speaker and a charismatic and passionate teacher. I met him during my studies at Harvard during the “Leading Conflict Resolution in the Workplace” course. His in-depth psychological analysis of the origins of conflict, and his advice on how to recognize and avoid conflict in the first place were both very practical and memorable. His lecture was the highlight of the course!
— Izabela Lusinska, Business Communications Coach and Owner, New Business Elite